Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The most consolidated part of the urban fabric of Zagreb in the areas bordering Badel Block bears the mark of the scansion of the territory caused by the distinct narrow and elongated shape of the typical lot of a medieval city. The project proposal seeks comparison with this urban dimension and reinterprets it in a succession of parallel strips, the dimensions of which relate directly to the subdivision of the building curtain wall of Vlaška Street, with its solids and voids. The void within Badel Block, linked to area''s most recent history and its characteristics as a production area, is in equal measure a central source of inspiration for the project which gives the void itself the critical role of a public space and therefore of a connective element, both within the area and between the area and the urban surroundings with which it relates.
The project centres around the definition of a clear structure (matrix) that acts as a backdrop that assumes different characteristics (landscape fragment, spatial device) and in doing so arranges the space where the variable elements (plug-in boxes), responsible for the organization of the facilities, are installed. The coexistence of permanent traces and transitory elements introduces dynamics into the area that guide the processes of urban growth and stratification and responds to it with logical ordering on the basis of which the area inside the block can then alter and change over time in a flexible manner. BADEL [S]TRIPS takes this condition as a central idea for the development of the area and elevates it to an improvement strategy so that Badel Block can recover an important role in the general process of urban growth and redevelopment and become a vehicle and mirror for relationships that fuel and give life to the city.

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