Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Križaj, Ida, Autor
Turato, Idis, Autor
Dželalija, Nika, Projektni tim
Elez, Anita, Projektni tim
Jelić, Janko, Projektni tim
Liović, Marko, Projektni tim
Mičetić, Josip, Projektni tim


Urban scenario

Badel Block Project ranges from the assumption and urban renewal strategy as well as from specific urban city block in time. This process includes numerous sequences of spatial transformations that can be defined througout series of steps and procedures.

• The first step of transformation perceives Badel Block as site of urban transformation and activation. Initial phase calls for organizing and constructing first „batteries“ that define and enable energy replenishment and induction of system independence of the Block. Baterry „Sun“ and baterry „Water“ are performed. In addition to the existing structure upgraded by bateries allows vertical and horizontal structural networking and recives contents on itself and generates formed living within the Block. It is defined by initial organization of the residents and their social surroundings.

• Second step of of Badel Block transformation calls for an outbreak in developing the eastern part of the site. In this section, associated with residential district blocks, begins housing construction begins for residents working and living in the central part of the Block associated with existing structure of Badel and Gorica. Residential Block contains its own baterry that includes solar collectors and solar walls of the facade structure. Residential construction is set in in the way of vertical setup superstructuring generical grid.

• The third step of Badel transformation defines western block renewal and its growth. This phase comes accompanied with parking garages embedded into block basement serving residents of the block but also as a public garage utilities for citizens. Above the garage shopping and commercial center is to be made.

• Fourth phase of transformation defines construction and starting point for utilization of swimming pools and bathrooms in the Gorica region and supporting facilities for education and social contents. Community center extends to all floors of the complex.

• The fifth stage of transformation begins at the moment when each sector is strong enough to commence with coalescing, interfacing and merging along with neighboring part of the block. Generic grid structure is aggregating and in that precice moment covers space above the block and defines urban garden, a covered passage, city square roof and Plazza Badel.

• In the construction area that ultimately resembles to Constantin „New Babylon“ of modern age transported to present time, the areas of business facilities, offices, trades and services are to be found. On the last storey residential and housing facilities with gardens are placed. In these areas of „urban-gardening“ vegetables are grown and by this they form common areas of residential neighborhoods and shape a new residential Block Badel.

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