Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

ponce, javier, Autor


BADEL BLOCK LINEAR ROOK PARK will create a new vibrant Block full of attractive activities which improves the quality of life and will become a city reference. An elevated Podium will allow pedestrians to access the site from all its sides. New public spaces at GF Level will directly connect badel block with Kvaternikov TRG, the Market and Bartula Kacija park, creating a new public spaces network.The Podium’s roof will become a Linear Roof park, where people can meet, play,make sport, rest, and enjoy views of the surrounding skyline.The former Yeast factory will be transformed into a Civic Centre.This protected building will stand in between two new water ponds to emphasize its historical importance on the site. Gorica factory facade is integrated into the new podium design .In order to highlight the block identity, we proposed what we call a “2 Direction identity strategy”,meaning that people will identify Badel block with its green horizontal character (the linear roof park) and with its vertical character (the Resi Tower).The Ground Floor will consist of a open public space and a new garden, with new Culture & Leisure facilities , restaurants, coffe shops,etc. Retail will be located at the first and second floors, while offices will be situated at the 3rd and 4th floors.A city Hotel will occupy the fifth floor, having nice city views. The residential tower will consist of a vertical 18 storeys building.Each floor will consist of 6 flats between 60-100 sqm and a central core with vertical communications.Due to its programme diversity,its location, and its new identity, the new Badel Block will be attractive for a cooperation between the city, private partners.It will project a sustainable social structure which integrates a mixed-use strategy.

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Javier F. Ponce Projektant


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