Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The distillery is leading in the concept. It is surrounded by a building volume to create a intimate square made by lowering the profile to the gutter height of the distillery. On the outside the profile rises up to the surrounding buildings. The distillery has been preserved but added with a sunlit plateau to give it more outside-potential. The basement contains a new theater-like space.
The new square can be entered from all sides, giving the Badel block a highly accessible character.
The high-rise tower serves as a entrance-gate, marking the Lower Town. It contains a mix of functions like conference and residential. The bigger outer cylinder with apartments finishes the existing residential building block and connects the tower with the overall structure. The city hotel can be used by students as residential during the working days-periods and by tourists during holiday-time.
All buildings within the competition area are connected with a pedestrian-level at 6 meters above ground which expands the capacity of the place.
The road Ṧubićeva will be closed for all traffic. The Badel block will be enlarged like in the industrial days to create more pedestrian space potential.
The Gorica façade is visible as it is part of the total façade, although it belongs to a new greater urban structure. The existing façade composition gives a logical position of entering the building-complex at this side. The level gives a beautiful sight at the opposite green park.
The roof of the arena-like building will be furnished with a green deck. The area will become a green zone filled with trees. The proposal can be seen as a envelop for future use. The use of the building-complex can be adopted to a given need in time through the flexibility of the buildings.

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