Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

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The project works on the idea of cities such as an archipelago, theorized by the philosopher Massimo Cacciari. The urban idea which we seek is that of the “city in parts” of ascendancy Rossi, a city of disparate elements, of districts closed on themselves (isolates of the historical center) where only the design of the new attraction is able to have the power to capture the viewer within these paddocks (urban sod) and make them discover new worlds.
The proposed project is in the direction of urban planning for islands that do not appear as though self-reliant sectors. The peculiarity of this settlement pattern lies in the nature of the clods, designed as areas with all the functions which should have a city. If the three low-rise buildings that house the services of project want to revive the issue of closing the perimeter, taking the form of independent fences, the bridge-building that contains the residences itself as polarizing element of visual connection.
The intervention is composed of a L-shaped residential high suspended on pylons, the existing building of the distillery intended as an exhibition space and three buildings that enclose the service functions for the residence. The distillery serves as a vestibule to the basement, it is connected via an underground route, as well as the parking lot, also a second multipurpose room lit by a court. The walls of the existing buildings are set to be preserved on the walls of new buildings constructed right on their ancient airbase.
Finally this proposal highlights the differences, emphasizes the contrasts, depicts variations in height, creates an open perspective.

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