Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Dubbeldam, Winka, Voditelj projekta


Zagreb, the WEDGE

The wedge serves as an extraordinary and interesting location just off of the train station square in the heart of Zagreb''s old city centre. This focal point is a critical element to Zagreb''s new identity that represents a dichotomy between the important history of the city and its promising and exciting future. Also comprising the area encompassing this new space is the market and the landmark houses and buildings, with their intricate courtyard models, served as focal design elements when envisioning the redesigned space.

The springboard for this wedge was a green wedge with a SUPER roof for the new infill, a sustainable insulation material as well as a visually pleasing insertion. The wedge defines the urban edges while integrating a sustainable composition and introduces a porous centre, allowing for new programmatic insertions without losing its overall power, urban attraction, or renewable potential.

The introduction of a museum of modern art in the courtyard and a boutique hotel at the edge of the space, create aesthetically pleasing anchors in the site and simultaneously increase the potential for an intensively used new urban centre.

The facade of the wedge is a fragmented facade that efficiently utilizes stone and glass, creating a new rhythm that introduces a more mysterious face to the city.
In developing the new green courtyard, having it be easily accessible and part of an intense city life would be a characteristic unique to the New Zagreb city center, hence a simple but direct T-shaped connection is created between the museum square to the cafe terrace and the hotel gardens above. The hotel gardens are an integral part of the green wedge, adding terraces, pool access, and a horticultural dynamic that intensifies the wedge locally.

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