Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Morra, Michele, Autor
Bagatto, Pietro, Autorski suradnik
Bernardi, Denis, Konzultant za konstruktivne detalje


This project conceives Badel (meant as a whole with its surroundings, of
course), as the place of local, artistic and cultural handicraft and the permanent
exhibition of its products.

In Badel, the city council may encourage settlement of artists and craftsmen
by providing them with accommodation,
workshops, services and spaces (indoor and outdoor) for the display and sale of
products .... “Made in Badel“.

To achieve this goal, the project has three main objectives:
1. to define the architectural element able to identify the new urban role of Badel
and connect it (even visually) with the existing market area along Šubićeva
2. to seek for private partners so that their support may provide the city council
with funds to start further interventions;
3. to design the district of artists and craftsmen.

In order to fulfill these objectives within the constraints of competition, the
project suggests:
• the creation of a large transparent roof supported by many thin metal pillars
covering the main urban area of Badel and the existing local market area along
Šubićeva street;
• the creation, on the western edge of the competition area, of a building complex (meant as a philological re-stitching of the urban entity) for residential
and management purposes, hotel and ordinary retail trade;
• the recovery of the yeast production factory building (respecting the integrity of all its
structural and original iconographic elements) as a new multipurpose and
cultural center
• the restoration of the facade of the distillery (Gorica Factory) and the foundations of the demolished parts in order to preserve the memory of the previous manufactured building (almost a metaphysical image), and simultaneously define the main exhibition space outside the new district of artists and craftsmen.

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