Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Vision of the Block

The Block is a catalyst in the revitalization of Kvaternikov Square and Martićeva Street as an extension of the city centre. The aim is to create a case study of sustainable development.

The block connects Martićeva Street and Kvaternikov Square. Besides other residental, commercial, sports and touristic amenities, The Pump and The Lighthouse are the most prominent.

The Pump is a power plant in the old Yeast factory, a heart of the Block and an information centre for sustainability. This is an autonomous plant for renewable energy sources – heat pumps.
It is a sustainability case study allowing the visitors to learn on the example of the Block. Exhibitions, lectures and guided tours to the plant would be offered. The new life of the old building symbolizes sustainable development in the new era.

The Lighthouse is a centre for promoting contemporary local culture. In the Lighthouse, visitors can learn, entertain themselves and buy branded products.

The new architecture with steel bridges, shelters and galleries is inspired by manufacturing industry.

The Block opens with passages and communicates with its neighbourhood (playground – school; square – market; business – INA building, park - existing buildings). The new square makes an axis with the market and Bartol Kašić Square. The volume of the buildings respects the surrounding area, and the two new towers fit into the tradition of towers in the Lower Town.

The vision of the alternative extension of the Martićeva Street-Block-Kvaternik Square line is accentuated by the framing of Martićeva Street with the Ibler Tower and the Badel Tower.

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