Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

salopek baletić, zora, Autor
Plazibat, Marijana, Autor
salopek, zlatka, Izrada vizualizacije
kunej, ana, Izrada vizualizacije
dević, ana, Konzultant
Dešković, Lucano, Izrada makete


Entire site is pedestrian zone together with Kvaternik square and market. The monolith infill will be open from three important directions: towards the elementary school and Martićeva, Šubićeva street as an important route, and towards the market and square. Present permeability of this block should be kept. New openings with the area in front of a distillery form a tissue of pedestrian passages and squares. Dimensions of these spaces, with diversity of programs, guaranty lively everyday social activity of the area. New buildings have a transparent public and commercial ground floor with porches around, the base which follows the height of cornice of existing buildings and few smaller towers, instead of one oversized- combination of the traditional blocks and modernistic skyscrapers . Street sides of the block are treated in the same way as the inner ones. Industrial buildings converted in Crafts distillery and Art refinery, should act together as the initiator of cultural and educational life of this part of the town and wider, and as a new touristic point. The decision of colouring the facade of these buildings into the red colour tends to be minimal act of esthetic re-evaluation of history. We don''t conserve history by creating the new traditionalism but approach to it from the contemporary perspective and evoke the potential that buildings originally possessed as a places of production and modernization of society. Aside from two housing developments towards southwest with open handball court, swimming pool and recreation areas, we propose city hotel on the Šubićeva street and smaller commercial buildings. Natural ventilation is enabled with the series of penetrations through the block and through the buildings, in the north-south direction.

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