Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Rajcevic, Jelena, Autor
Jurin, Martin, Autor
Marenic, Sara, Autor
Laušin, Nikša, Izrada vizualizacije
Sabljak, Sanjin, Konzultant
Majić, Ivan, CAD suradnja


Badel block as the essential component of Kvaternik Square area becomes a part of the expanded pedestrian zone in Zagreb city center in the future.
The concept of Badel block is completely subject to pedestrians and nature, to people and their spatial experience, always bearing in mind the complex relationship that the inhabitants of Zagreb have created with their blocks.
three superimposed layers:
a) Badel block is among the most complex blocks in Zagreb. The character of the central building and the necessary public spaces surrounding it create an inverted situation – the use of block perimeter goes from inside to outside.
b) We identify the relation between old yeast factory and Badel block to be much more related to building - block relationship of public buildings in Zagreb horseshoe where buildings are in the centre of absent block surrounded by park and adjacent facades.
c) Two existing and protected facades introduce coulisse theme.
Overlapping of these layers creates complex system of open and closed public spaces, with the round square in the center.
The role of the round square perimeter:
a) the entrance to almost all facilities within the block, thus creating a space where all the block users meet and from where they go to five different sides - five exits - in the forms of parks, atriums, passages and square constriction
b) on the first floor it becomes the „organisam“ which connects all the bulidings behing coulisses and which becomes their green courtyard typical for Zagreb block. As opposed to the round square, which is the foxus and mixture of all block activities, the first floor is just a park; a piece of nature in the town intended for individual. The yeast factory becomes culture forum due to its central position.

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