Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Following the instinct of creating a free, public space as large as possible, and yet also in keeping with the proposed program, with uniform treatment of the existing urban archaeology, represents the main guidelines of this concept.
The design consists of enclosing the continuity of the existing block and positioning the vertical into its center.
Legitimate criticism of interiors of the existing downtown blocks as spaces alienated from the public urban life and subject to bad, uncontrolled privatization, led us to design an “active block” , exploring the possibility of a multifunctional, public, safe space permeated with activity.
The space of the block, the size of a larger square, plays the key role in the concept, being the central public space and the backbone onto which all the elements of the composition refer, with respect to form, events, and organization.

The existing, centrally located factory building is retained in its outside outlines, while the interior is reconstructed and turned into a cultural center. The remaining urban, industrial archaeology is retained in the frontal, historical facade, which is given a new purpose. The facade of the spirits refinery and distillery, later part of Gorica Factory is turned into a shopping mall volume, and with details of a stylized portico (retained facade of the process building on the northern part of the block) becomes a representative front of a hotel extruding from the horizontal into the vertical. The tower of the hotel creates a linear continuity of verticals in the city matrix. Valorisation of the existing buildings and protected facades is the common denominator, while the facade that extrudes into the vertical is at the same time a reminder of a chimney of the former liquor factory.

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