Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The location of the block in the city core of Zagreb, within a walking distance from the main square is the head indicator for the character and purpose of this site. Our design concept includes all the advantages of a perimeter block while embracing the porosity of an open concept.
The genesis of the structure begins with the intersection of a horizontal floating volume and the five vertical volumes of the towers. The cut surface transforms itself into a green path, a platform in the air, which comprises different attractions for the visitors. It connects the vertical accents one to another and leads to the historical points of the block, slowly cascading towards the inside square. The floating volume of the “mall” is disconnected and porous in the ground floor, allowing framed views towards the historical landmarks.
The vertical line is accented by one existing tower and five new volumes containing residential apartments. These solid shapes give the urban accent of the site and differ in form and materialization from the commercial area.
The “Badel” distillery can be pointed out as a center around which the new and existing structures gravitate. The story inside, spread on three levels defines it as an “Open Kitchen Bistro”, containing an exhibition part, two tasting parts and a public kitchen. It is a public medium, blending the old scenery and the modern habits together.
The façade of “Gorica” appears best for cultural exhibitions and events of this kind. It is complemented by the glass horizontal mall volume and framed from both sides. This collage of an old façade and new glass floating surface accents the different purposes presented in the building, still forming a coherent concept.
The façade of “Fisher”, as a hidden vertical surface inside the block, represents a calmer and greener space. It becomes a green terrace of cascades, beginning with the green path on the mall terrace and cascading to the water surface in the center of the block.
Finally, achieving revitalization of a neglected central city area through creation of a complex socialization unit is the outmost aim of the project.

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