Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


For the first point of sustainability of this project is to reevaluate the usage of existing buildings in the area of our intervention. As it was stated in the briefing, to protect the evaluated facades of two industrial objects and to demolish what is behind them, seems exaggerated. Through our analysis, we discovered that the ex-factory building “Gorica” has diverse and dynamic programmes that “live” in it. Entering and re-establishing abandoned rooms require innovation and creativity in process and could be the trigger for redevelopment and urban renewal of the assigned area.

Through our survey of the area, we noticed variety of workshops. Once a common thing for ground floors of inner block establishments, nowadays represent a rear form to be seen in this proximity of the city centre. It is true, that they are no adequate in special terms, so we offer their rearrangement in the north area, bringing back the utility of the protected industrial wall.

Revitalisation of ex-yeast factory represents true special discovery and it has a potential to become a new Center for Independent Culture and Youth “GORICA”. Maybe now, in time of global financial crisis, we should stop waiting for rich investors, but to relay on creativity and agility of social societies to redevelop this area.

All this measures are taken in our project with agenda to enhance and enrich the identity of the place, to provide open public space which encourages interactions, to establish a new facility open to the public, which will generate new built area with respect to existing situation.

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