Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


DIAMONDS OF BADEL is a project directly linked to its environnement. Mixed use in one building requires connections between individuals. We would like to unit peoples around visible and attractive activities.
Density is suggested, it calls people’s feeling. Density is appareance, simulated to mark a degree of personnal freedom to involve in various programms.
Zagreb’s block have an urban form made up of a duality between a living outside and ignored inside.
This contrast was the source of inspiration of our work : recreate this aspect adding more sense.

Housing and office activities could both generate pure shell, without openings facing the streets already saturated with windows. Glasses roof top are used to light all the block’s programs. Building’s form related to the principle of old buildings in Gornji rad’s neighborhood. Eyes on the sky create a lack of spatial vue that allows blocks to acquire identity and to putt every person at the same level.

Position of these faceted stones provides a park to the rear of the site, private garden easy to reach by crossing the street from the distillery building. Blocks project’s area of Zagreb district contains narrow and inaccessible spaces inapropriate to the meeting. We thought plot project as a succession of blocks in the block that would provide various activities. Plot dimensions and necessities to provide alignments of Derencinova and Šubičeva streets which appear contradictory in sense of union between people. Using existing buildings (distillery and Gorcia factory) as access area for housings and offices we created a place that emphasizes echo these two fragments of memory of the site. It was also important that existing’s buildings are the focus of device. Offices and residential floors of the new construction are accessible by the two existing’s buildings. Stairwells and hall just give highlighting opportunities and offer crossing points readily identifiable by users.

Creating square allowed us to relate various public places in the site. As a result, public park in south, bars and tram station kvaternikov square can be joined from the west of the lower town and allows the convergence of pedestrians. It was also important to maintain market activity. This is why local shops and activities open their doors the public square in the heart of block. The outside facades were supposed to be lthe picture of the block : massive and blind to play with this report outside / inside.
The blocks are then dug until the ground floor to offer with roof glass, bright and pleasant atrium.
A public swimming pool, sports fields and an auditorium can accommodate many people on site and allows the block to welcome many people.
All eyes converge towards this glasses heart that foster exchanges and meetings. Corridors are the gateways into housing and offices.

With DIAMONDS OF BADEL the polarity of the towns are reversed, the block invites city in its heart, and provides airtight street facade which is a subject of curiosity and interest. It’s a different perspective in the way of practicing and feeling town.

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