Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Macola, Giorgio, Autor
Zanetti, Adolfo, Koautor
Lazzaro, Manolo, Autorski suradnik
Tikulin, Petra, Autorski suradnik
Simunkovic, Mato, Autorski suradnik
Sonego, Mark, Autorski suradnik
Pagnacco, Alvise, Autorski suradnik


The site is located on the fringes of the city center, where the constructions begin to rarify toward the slope of the surrounding hills. The natural extension of urban fabric from downtown Zagreb to the more recent developments is now claiming this old industrial area as an organic component of the future metropolitan core. However, undifferentiated densification of the site would be unresponsive to the surrounding structure; different situations ask for intervention of different scale. The open space of the market and park asks to be faced by bold high rise buildings, whereas the closely knitted space of the urban tissue on the opposite side is better matched by lower constructions. The transition between the two should be gradual, and requires different typologies, which in turn increase the opportunities for architectural multiplicity, and enriches the urban landscape.
There is a memory of space, which is conveyed not only by the remnants of the original buildings, but also by the subsequent restorations, transformations and insertions. A sensitive approach should neither try to constrain the new functions within the reenactments of the old buildings, nor create an illusory clean slate by demolishing all remaining reference to the past. Life goes on. The role of the new construction should simply be to add new contribution to the stratification of the existing, thereby revitalizing it in the new context. As a distinguished philosopher writes: “Everything would be much easier if one could demolish and re-build. It seems to me that not only we cannot, in our cities, as a result of special rules and regulations, operate that way: we do not want to simply demolish and re-build. It is a choice of culture, and not an obligation. If we do not present it this way, it will not be understood, and there will be no good recuperation and re-utilization projects.”

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