Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Filep, Sanja, Autor
vidakovic, boris, Suradnik
gaspar, marko, Suradnik
cvetkovic, matija, Suradnik
posavec, miroslav, Izrada vizualizacije
bekavac, ivan, Izrada vizualizacije
pavkovic, marina, Konzultant
cetinic, ivan, Konzultant za energetiku


The Green Block
Zagreb, Croatia

The Green Block is the place of complete transition from the paradigm of exploatation to paradigm of sustainability.

- the protected façade of The Old Pots factory with new purpose – Organic Food Market (mercantile hedonizmus) opens in the parter zone towards Šubićeva street
- the new Architecture of The Block enterior extrudes to the frontline and becomes benchmark of the site.

The Green Block communicates the Green Power: sunlight, water, clarity, organic food, sustainability, energy efficiency, open recreative air and innovative technology. .

1. Public and accessible – communication sistem together with outher extension of all the inside facilities,
2. Public and not accessible – „brain and energy block“ powerplant uses basement and cover level for geotermal and solar resources sucking, and suplies the structure (and possibly also it''s urban surrounding) with green energy
3. Privat and commercial – all kinds of offices and services including residential substance, which appears nowdays in many emanations (rental apartements, working-living units, hotel or hostel accomodation, student lots etc.), making this part of the city core vital.

The Old Pots Factory (Gorica) is the new belly of the town; the Old distillery (Arko) is the new core for performing arts; the new lamele with old „portico“ façade is energetic core and brain of self-sustainable system.

Three main comunicaton levels (public underground zone, parter zone and leasure green roof zone) are considered to be free-flowing by escalators and ramps, triplicating public space in every possible way: for pedestrians and emergency access.

Continued sinergy between place and people is guaranteed, especially after giving place the new added value through The Green Block positioning.

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