Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Mazzoleni, Paolo, Autor
D'Asaro, Alberto, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Romani, Emanuele, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
degli antoni, massimiliano, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja


High and low is a project made of oxymora. Because the city is made of oxymora: it is a constant change, a current history, a daily special, an open secret. Because the city is high and low.
Our strategy is to proceed through oxymora to obtain the maximum.
High and low proposes four themes around which organizing the strategy of the future projects for Badel Block: the shape of an open block, the placement of a heart of public functions at the center of the block, the rejoining of the urban fabric without denying its complexity and the integration of historical buildings in complex and purely contemporary structures.
High and low superpose the concept of a conservative and revolutionary urban form in the fabric of a city characterized by the permanent impermanence of urban planning. High and low maintain the objectivity of the urban form based on the street and, at the same time, design a city where the interior of the blocks is the elective space of public life.
Zagreb is characterized by the presence of public functions and green volumes within the mesh of the nineteenth century city, connected by alternative pathways that penetrate the porous structure of the city. Which urban structure can withstand these stresses without tearing? Which warp, which weft? The only fabric able to withstand is the non-woven fabric. Long fibers, bonded together. No warp, no weft. Historical buildings become matter for new structures. We build new buildings, using old walls. We build the future on solid foundations.
High and low investigate by architectural design, defining density, functions, urban materials, textures. Now the guidelines are ready to step into the real world.
High and low is a throwaway project, please throw it in the recycle bin.

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