Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The development of the project follows four principal steps.
First, the site is selectively emptied to allow a new organization of Badel Block with new structures capable of supporting a new functional program. The process consists of re-programming all the functions that do not impact the original facades, while retaining intention of giving a new image to the city of Zagreb. The inherent contradiction of the site with regards to its exceptional nature and regular fragment determines the process of modeling of the masses proposed in our project. The aim is to orient the facades to rebuild an urban edge, which today is completely absent. By densifying the border we were able to allow adequate space around the old factory, therefore establishing a new "feeling of adequacy" given to the surrounding masses.
This enables the programming of both private and public space (second and third steps).
The multifunctional building represents the meaning of the project for two primary reasons: it conserves its original appearance while re-programmed architectural space and newly defined user groups give a new image to the city. The hybrid building has the capacity to work at two different scales: the micro-urban scale defined by the proposed program and the urban scale of the city of Zagreb, considering that the functions of the theater and exposition space could be easily detached from the operational activity of the school. This is the reason why the crown, or ring-like system can be thought as a permeable system that allows easy access to the heart of the site. This permeability is studied through frequent discontinuities of the "crown system" and through partial emptying of the ground floor (fourth step).

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