Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Agora. The zagreb agora concentrates the urban potential of its surroundings into a vivid field of urban lifestyle by offering ideal conditions for programmatic diversity. Instead of rebuilding the block typology the project seeks to take advantage of its porous character. By consciously opening up to the city it invites the citizens of Zagreb are into a dense field of culture and retail.
The whole area is framed by a band of parks. These activate the potential for recreation in the backyards of the existing buildings. As a strategic intervention, the band interweaves the existing buildings with the new development.
The three protected buildings become the cultural highlights of Agora, and are part of a superior cultural strategy. In the former distillery room for artists in residence programs and state funded ateliers support synergies between national and international contemporary art and culture. The gallery located in the north of the site, as well as the performance spaces located in the former yeast factory provide great opportunity to display the work of upcoming artists. Together these functions provide ideal conditions for a vibrant cultural quarter that can stimulate Zagrebs Urban lifestyle.
Creating the same vitality that defines zagrebs central areas demands a building strategy that is able to accommodate and adapt to a rich variety of future users. The ground floor is therefore designed as an open plan without structural walls, providing areas that can be incrementally programmed and developed over time. The great possibility of this strategy is that it can host small scale program like the local shoemaker and can so create a vivid democratic city centre, which truly reflects Zagrebs own distinct character

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