Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The typology of urban block usually provides vast enclosed space, restricted to the outside by the surrounding buildings with poor comunication reduced to few narrow passages. The space inside has more private character.Filled up with random urban fabric and hiding from the look outside it gives impression of something irregular and is treated differently. It is always something „on the front“ and something „on the back“.
Badel block preserve the existing building of the former destilery inside. The new buildings around it are structured as fragments of the urban block which opens up to the streets. The process of fragmentation allows space to flow continously from the main passages to the inside and gives the hole area the same value.
As the block is fragmented, the space in between is also consisted of larger and smaller squares with a different character; the buildings are consisted of smaller parts which go in a different directions and move back as they are taller, fragment itself not just to the ground, but to the the spacious terraces in the above levels. Also with this movement the towers are defining the space of the public squares, they give shelter from the weather and sign the main entrances to the buildings.
Badel block is divided into five new separate buildings. They are organized as flexible as possible. So they work as one building and they can also be separeted in different functions and space purpose.
They were organised to invite people and passengers into the large public areas and to let as much sun and light as possible in the heart of the area. Also the towers are placed so they are not not disturbing the sun/light/view to eachother.

The former destilery is getting a cultural function. With the part of the cultural plaza in front of it and the cultural (proposed) building nearby the passenger can enjoy the newest arts inside and also openspace. Walking through the badelblock the passengers can also enjoy the badelmuseum with its own plaza and also to marvel at some other historical renovated inustrial leavings.

The flexible 8x8m grid structure gives the project the possibility to fill the spaces with whatever function wanted and needed. The single buildings are also possible to realise in stages. The different fassade materials gives the buildings their own identification.

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