Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Medvešek, Gašper, Autor
Vodeb, Tjaša, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Regoršek, Saša, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Vrščaj, Jure, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja


Badel Block is part of the city in need of new concept that will bring its inhabitants new development possibilities and new ways of social life, and it will encompass the right balance between social, leisure, economic and development potentials. The new concept of the block is based on division into elevations program differency, that in turn offer empty - full volumes. The interchange of outer spaces and building blocks brings dynamics and balance into the area.
There are three conceptual elements for the Badel Block project:
The fundamental element of the Badel block is “vibrant city for people of different generations and different interest groups of people. It is envisioned as a place where people of different demographics and social background live and socialize.
The next conceptual element is “green city” based on sustainable development and environment friendly principles. The purpose specific building blocks would produce most of the energy needed by themselves by use of solar panels or other possible renewable energy. In addition, the roofs of the buildings would be covered in grass, and the former “dirty” industry would be transformed into green industry, which would offer new development and employment opportunities.
The third conceptual element of the Badel Block is “the new industry”. We would link the new industry on the tradition of the old distillery factory. The concept of new industry would be the natural/organic juice production factory. The idea of organic juice production seems interesting and promising, as it would bring new employment, new development opportunities and represents new market niche for the area.

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