Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Popescu, Sorin, Autor
Popescu, Anca, Koautor


An unfinished cityblock in a city full of blocks. An oportunity for the city to reinvent itself, maybe a time for the city to remember some long forgotten dreams. Dreams of old times when people where fewer and problems where simpler, dreams of some times when every block was a house, and every house was facing a square. And maybe that unfinished Badel block can be that : A square with houses facing it. Hidden inside the block , but linked to the city.
Showing how to fill a void, keeping it empty. Empty of buildings, maybe full of life.
We have three large houses, and an Old Building in the middle.
Inside each house a void. Again. Filled with trees and air.
In middle of the open space sits an Old Building brought to life - the Cultural center, around it coffeshops, restaurants , shops, and in the lower building artists galleries, conference places and workshop spaces.
The outside perimeter height corresponds to the surounding city, the inside perimeter height corresponds to the scale of the square, protecting the Cultural center.
From outside of the Market pedestrian streets bring the citylife into the middle of the block.
On top of the buildings green roofs help to cool down the heat of the day.
A visit to the inner courtyards does the same.
The created void could act as a catalyst for city life, like every single other ``Grand Place`` does.
An ordinary block keeps his core well protected, accessible only for those living inside it, or worse, gradually filling it with buildings.
The Badel block offers to everybody its inner space, transforming an empty void into a living place.

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