Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Moraga, Pablo, Autor
Höpfner, Heike, Autor
Ramirez, Andres, Izrada makete


The conformation project for the Badel Block, is structured on the use of three clear and concrete urban premises. These premises aims, on one side, to preserve the existent values of the urban surrounding of Zagreb, respecting it and adapting itself to the city, and on the other side, to operate with the natural and necessary development of this square.

Premise N°1: Morphological pattern
The recognition and use of existent urban patterns in Zagreb Lower Town (Donji Grad), refers specifically the way to configure the inhabited squares, using perimetral solid mid-height blocks, guarding free-disposition green areas at the interior of every block. This way, a uniform evolution of the intervention scale will be assured, adjusting itself to Zagrebs city values.
Premise N°2: Densification need
The high land value of urban zones, makes necessary to have strategies for the right densification in the urban evolution plan.
Premise N°3: Mixture of uses
The interrelations between different land uses, is the guarantee for a correct city evolution in the future, avoiding spatial and territorial segregation.

The Badel Block consolidation project conforms three new inter-blocks in the major block. Each one of these blocks is structured around a 4 program mix, complemented with 4 basic uses.

Every inter-block contains:
One 5-level perimetral block, where the ground floor is exclusively commercial, combining restaurants, coffee shops and little retail shops and the upper levels contains the apartment units.
One 16-level commercial tower to be used by offices and banks.
One patrimonial component. It can be an auditorium, school of arts, or the housing complex community center.
Public areas, destined to public congregations, urban acts, fairs, etc
Green Areas
3 underground parking zones.

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