Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The Badel block is only area in the east of Zagreb that has not been fully So this project tried to design a whole complex with a lot of solutions for probable future''s problems. This planned complex has diversity of amenites like Bank, Bars,Shopping center & Retail Shops, Residential apartments , Commercial units (Official & Administration buildings) , Museum & Gallery,Library, Cinemas, Restaurants,Cafes, Supermarket, Green Spaces, Informal gathering place . . . And also it has a lot of shopping, catering amenities, Pool, Amphitheater, Sport hall for residential apartments.
The Europe is famous Green Continent. All of its countries like Croatia are known too. But this country has got a lot of another beauties that are hidden and placed out of sight. One of them is its Fall. Season of playing colors all around, top of the trees, on the ground, under the feet, floating in the air . . .Some elements of complex can have autumn''s family color (Red, Orange,Yellow, . . .) like Sunshades of facades. It gives variety of effects to the elevations. In the other hand the colors like red, orange, . . . are known as warm-color and can complete the color Green. Because in color cycle red and green are complement and use of complementary colors can balance visual effects of city around the Badel block. It highlights the block identity and generates a new urban value.Most of housetops in Zagreb are red-colored too and it’s the reason that why the use of complementary colors is important and it can continue the culture of Zagreb by new graphic language . Also many other elements can use this idea, for example colored glasses are suitable for simulating the sense of autumn in exterior and interior of new construction.

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