Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Industrial heritage is often encountering defragmented pieces of successful business stories, once present on the site. Collecting the hidden on the site, as well as present dynamics was the main consideration in proposed design approach.
The question of protection was not only the preservation of collected fragments themselves, but in providing new amenities that would not impose or diminish the presence of inherited values.

There are two directions in development revealed while researching former amenities: family business and industrial production. The projects suggest creation of a center that provides local presentation of the family business products on the site, as well as on the global market. In supporting cuisine and wine production, there should also be the place to trade knowledge and cultural exchange, global presentation, organization of seasonal gatherings or expositions...

Trade center is intertwined with green squares on the ground floor, and also equipped with extensive green roofs. There are specially designed areas for penetration of high trees. This way project contributes to mitigation of urban heat island effect, thus lowering the costs for inside thermal regulation purposes.

The challenge of the site is that the buildings with public purposes are situated inside the block. In its urban tissue Badel block is revealing and hiding the objects in the center. Form of block is enriched with creation of the framed openings on the facades, therefore providing the visualization of several layers. Contemporary is juxtaposed to old, commercial and residential to public. These built-in postcards create unexpected moments, that would remain in the memory of the site.

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