Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Old Factory Place.
Badel block is planning as a cultural and public centre. The block is becoming a pedestrian zone, with the theatre situated in the reconstructed building of the Yeast production factory. Around the theatre there is a square surrounded by the red brick buildings with pitched roofs as a reminding of historical industrial buildings from the old sides.
The representative entrance to the square is from the cross of Šubićeva and Martićeva streets.
On the sides there are shop centers, cafes and restaurants. The building from the left is the Gorica Factory with keeping historical façade. The shop centers continue the existing open market, creating the market street.
Inside on the square there are green zones with benches, cafes and restaurants. Additional narrow entrances to the square are from the all streets surrounding the block. From Vlaška street it is possible to come to the museum of Old Factories. The museum is situated in the building with keeping historical façade. In curvilinear building behind the theatre is the modern art gallery for its the square is the additional exhibition and installation place. On the roof of the existing 12-storey administrative building there is the observation with panoramic view to Zagreb. From the left of the theatre there is a hotel from the right-an office building. Behind the passage inside the block there are residential buildings, which continue existing buildings in Šubićeva street, closing them and creating the yard. On the entrance floors there are shops and laundries.
Under the whole block there is 2-level underground parking, separated into public and private zones. The scale and the treat of projected buildings are like historical place and is harmony ending of the Badel block structute.

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