Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


A hill is generally a natural elevation of the earth surface in a landscape. The Badel Hill stands in its urban context. A green mass going out of the ground in a mineral landscape, enclosed by buildings. A perfect shape, which reminds the archetype of a child''s drawing. We can climb it at a run, rest on its side, turn around, stay on the top, immersed in the urban canopy.

With a combination of complementary public spaces in the area, Badel block can become the central point in its neighborhood. The project preserves the large scale of the block by prolonging the outside built belt with a large opening on Subičeva, in front of the market place. In the heart of the block, a low residential building draws the boundary of a new public place. In this clearly limited public place is settled up the hill, articulating the marketplace with the industrial buildings.

We choose to preserve in their entirety the industrial buildings for their value of testimony of the industrial heritage, and for their original spacial qualities. The rubble from the demolition of the other buildings as well as all the earth excavated to build three levels of car park are stored on the site, then modeled to create a new topography at a low cost. The problem of the evacuation and ecological treatment of earth and waste, inherent to any large-scale building work, becomes here the material to create an atypical public place. Landmark on the scale of the area, Badel Hill testifies of the evolution of this site. The hill is an object from recycling, it is not about a landscape designer''s performance, but about a logic of re-use and creation of public uses. Use and re-use. Around this hill the constructed or renewed buildings will give a new life to the Badel block.

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