Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Vernik, Andrej, Autor
Lipičar, Marjan, Autor
Bačić, Ivan, Suradnik
Maček, Miha, Autorski suradnik


The block area represents the eastern entrance towards the narrow city center of Zagreb. Therefore it has to be presented as an up to date architecture that can show the concepts of modern buildings that give answers to the issues of nowadays. That is in the first place the aspect of ecology due to growing problems of pollution and energy consumption and often misused term of passive, self-sufficient buildings. We answered this question with a design that recaptures the used warm air of the complex and lead it in to the chimney that is at the same time a new landmark as a high rise apartment building that uses its concrete core for producing electrical energy on the basics of thermal draft through the vertical shaft. The second question about the program and the social aspect of defined area is to obtain and enlarge public spaces and meet the demands for new high-tech apartments in the city center and bring »fresh dwellers« and cash flow to the area that is nowadays depopulated with permanent inhabitants. To bring additional people to the area we proposed enlargement of the existing square across Šubičeva under the green roof. Besides dwelling areas that are located in the main tower chimney and in the sharp apartment tower at the crossroad of Martičeva and Šubičeva, there are two other towers, one at the crossroad of Derenčinova and Martičeva, containing the business program and the tower at the north western side, containing hotel. The program in the old protected building is meant for a public club. Additional programs of shops and food court are located in the center of complex. So this program brings different visitors to the area that captures large multifunctional public spaces in the ground floor and reacts as a new large city square, luring also the people from Barula Park and larger area.

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