Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Polzer, Ida, Autor
busnja, davor, Autor
Gluhak, Goran, Izrada vizualizacije


Badel block development proposal identifies the complex urban dynamic of the wider Zagreb downtown area. The project continues to foster this dynamic through operative architectural scenarios, the use of multiple urban typologies and succession of open public spaces. The new urban value of Badel block development is expected to activate Marticeva Street and enhance its potential as a downtown pedestrian axis.
The morphology of Badel block proposal is based on existing Zagreb downtown typologies: urban block and it`s latter transformations. These typologies are being transformed and adjusted to the context of Badel block in order to outline the new urban value. A complex of tailored horizontal bases is juxtaposed to towers on top of them, the scale and orientation of which is determined in regards to the urban matrix of Zagreb downtown and its outskirts.
Badel block open spaces are organized as a series of activity pockets of different character and type, suitable for various social groups and a wide range of events. The sequence of squares generates positive outdoor space, proportioned to human scale and neighbourhood''s urban matrix. This concept continues the Kvaternik area typology, which is a hybrid of a residential and a commercial neighbourhood based on a heterogeneous morphology.
Sustainability is treated as a holistic set of processes. Site programming is intended as a means of achieving social sustainability: programs are flexible and adjustable to different users, social groups and clients. Housing typologies are socially inclusive to reduce urban gentrification; cultural amenities are accessible for various users; typologies of retail support local tradition, whereas public and commercial amenities facilitate Badel block and ameliorate the neighbouring area.

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