Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


ecological POWERHOUSE provides a mixed use program, dynamic public educational facility and private water filtration program, generating an intrinsic commodity need by all. This eliminates existing waste pollution the city would normally process, allowing the new Badel urban block to generate a recreational asset and commodity utilized by its residents and citizens.

Multiple phases of water reclamation correlate to public access as part of the educational process without disturbing any existing historic urban architecture. Stepping and cascading down from the peak of the dense residential concentration, these create spontaneous activity and educational experiences along this new vital path of the city block.

The city remains the focal point through and around the new proposal interweaving the past historical anchor and technological future. In this strategy, all of the facades are preserved, and the block is made accessible with the new water processing area generated from the existing cisterns of the Distillery. That in turn becomes an economic asset relates to the existing market adjacent to the site boundary.

These new social activities are programed in the by product of clean water, to play and swim in in the summer, and to skate on in the winter. Economically, excess water and retail commodities, can be sold back to the city at large.

By this implementation, this creates a new urban landmark as a steward of the city, establishing a new planning model for self sufficiency and sustainability. Over the course of its existence, residents and visitors are brought together in an opportunity to share resources in a larger market place, establishing the Badel block development as a future model of precedent study.

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