Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The main idea of a project is to introduce a new quality to existing urban situation and highlight its historical value and spatial potential. The aim of a project is to give a Badel block the right significance by defining its borders. We enclose a space to organize it properly and give a new meaning. In the very first steps of a conceptual work, we were thinking about an existing potential of a Badel block. Arco Liquer and Vinegar Factory gave us an inspiration. We thought about liquers and wines poured into a limited space of a glass – beauty enclosed in a shape and colour. We decided to pour some vinegar-enthusiasm into this degradad area and make it more livable and attractive for people. The project of a Badel block bases on an assumption that new buildings are to draw attention to historical values hidden in a so far spatially non-defined area. We give a new quality in a shape of modern architecture in order to bring a new life to old values and make Badel socially attractive. The Badel tower plays a role of a new orientation point visible from a long distance as a compositional dominant. All valuable pieces of old architecture are spatially underlined as a landmarks of an enormous visual and aesthetic importance. They also have a great impact on a spatial and social identity and uniqueness of a Badel site.

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