Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

olehov, ilya, Autor


which includes remaining building of factory building( distillery) and a new building
adjacent to it. The building of former plant ????is in service as an art-center with
premises for temporary exhibitions, studios for art-projects, installations, seminars,
implementation of art and culture education programs. The new building consists of
two parts, public (containing audience hall which will seat 350 square meters, shaping
rooms, dancing halls, leisure centers with overall area of 6000 square meters) and
business (containing offices, banks and other business premises with overall area of
11700). The offices are situated in North-Eastern part of Downtown and also in
seventeen-storied building 70 meters high, which is considered to be dominant
element of the whole new development. Figuratively speaking this dominant element
is like a lighthouse on a cape of Badel block washed by traffic streams of Vlaska and
Subiceva streets. The role of such dominant element is also important for formation
of visual axis which passes through the open spaces of Bartula Kala park, market and
new square in front of cultural and business complex.
Closed-building development of the district is formed (besides the existing buildings)
by a hotel along the Subiceva street and residential estate at the intersection of
streets Marticeva and Derencinova.
The hotel building includes the existing facade of Gorica factory. The hotel will seat
60, it has two-level underground parking, restaurants and shops at the ground-floor
and panoramic cafe at the roof of the Northern part of the building.
Residential estate for 145 flats has built-in offices at the ground-floor, two-level
underground parking and open comfortable yard. Architectural design of facades
facing the streets Marticeva and Derencinova. follows the immensity of constituent
parts specific for design of residential development of this part of the city.
Two open squares lead to the block of houses, along the Subiceva street in front of
the cultural and business complex and from intersection of Subiceva & Marticeva
streets to the building of distillery These squares provide functional and visual
interaction between the new block of houses and surrounding areas. These new
comfortable and aesthetically attractive areas will become centers of attraction for all
citizens. Open space of square A is suited to outdoor activity of young people, less
dynamic green space of square ????is perfect for communication and walking.
The territory is free from traffic in order to create comfortable environ, where basic
roads are footpaths. All parking areas are underground ones.
The only driveway leads from Derencinova street to cultural and business complex,
to concert-hall equipment loading premises and parking entrance.

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