Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


An open public space in densely populated urban area is a rare quality that needs to be maintained and handled with care. The abandoned industrial district should thus remain opened and transient. Also some new programs are to be added which bring people together, encourage socialization and creativity. By placing these programs around a central open space an urban ground floor, an ‘urban living room’ will be created that attracts people of different ages and profiles. That is how the public space becomes the central hub of the new regime, and serves as a social, cultural, and program facilitator.
Placement of the new buildings follows the logic of the existing ones. The new buildings are arranged around the perimeter of the city block and complete it as a meaningful whole. The whole group of new buildings is linked to the existing ones with a new platform on which numerous events and activities take place. The platform doubles the city stalls - the use of the public space. People hang out underneath the platform where various workshops, sheltered marketplace, entrances to the buildings etc. are taking place, while the platform itself offers a new space for public activities. The platform is designed as an urban park, towards which the programs of the ground floor and the first floor of the buildings are oriented. The platform is divided into smaller parts that are on different level hights. As such they define small and completed units with various programs, while the ground floor becomes a dynamic and interesting place. Moreover the light penetrating through numerous gaps between the differently elevated platform parts illuminates the ground floor below. The place remains opened and fluent.

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