Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Vilarinho, Claudio, Autor
Sousa, João, Projektni tim
Valle, Nieves, Projektni tim


Respecting the existing façade alignments, Zagreb''s Cloud is a Multipurpose Building including shopping, services, housing, cultural spaces, sport areas, etc.
Zagreb''s Cloud will become a reference in a local and national level.
The modulation of the building with an 8x 8 meter structure allows us to organize the programme of Badel Block in an flexible way, depending of the needs of each moment.All the houses are placed on the outer strip, in order to be orientated to the west, south or east, allowing more public programs, or offices, to connect to the interior space.
The cultural program is housed in the ancient distillery and in the block 5.

Valuation and use of protected buildings:
The morphology/shape of the proposal arises from the “overprotection” of the ancient distillery building. It is a visual and a physical protection. It is proposed a cultural use in it, with the maximum respect and conservation of its main structure.

Elaboration on social, ecological and economic sustainability:
We propose a big common space which allows a wide variety of activities. On the ground floor, the place is accessible from Derencinova, Marticeva, Subiceva and Vlaska Street, it is connected to the ancient distillery building (now an area with cultural services), and a green area born from the respect to the existing buildings on Subiceva Street.
Zagreb''s Cloud''s façade is the result of two criteria: the program that each module houses and its sun exposure. From this combination we''ll get modules optimized for each situation.
Although it is a contemporary building, visual impact will be minimized, as it adapts its height to the buildings around and the façades to be preserved are incorporated into the solution.
Six buildings have been designed so that they can operate independently.

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