Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


A cultural core surrounded by a new urban unit.
Our proposal aims to establish continuity within the tissue rather to become a singular element, and to give to this part of the city a new public space that would become a reference for residents, neighbors and visitors.
I. Strategies:
-Complete the block and establish continuity at all borders.
-Ensure permeability by proposing several opening points at the ground level that will create new access to the plot.
-Live at the perimeter and meet at the core. The proposal locates the residential and commercial buildings at the perimeter and leaves the central area that will become the cultural core for social purposes.
II. Spatial organization:
The axis of permeability had generated different type of open spaces:
- one main axis that provide access to the cultural facilities.
- four internal lawns to relax and socalization.
- three squares between the Distillery, the new mediateque and the Badel Block Information Center
III. Cultural heritage as generator:
-The Distillery module generates a new building of the same proportion and a square between them.
- Ruins garden: the lateral volume will be demolished but symbolic sings at ground level will be kept.
- Stylized portico is maintained as basement for a new glass pavilion
- The Gorica Facade will become the basement of a new building.
V. Developing phases:
1st renovation of Distillery and construction of new facilities that will conform the cultural core in order to bring life and identity to the area.
2nd construction of Blocks at Subiceva street with UG parking.
3rd construction of the Derencinova and Marticeva street blocks with UG parking.

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