Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The Badel Urban Redevelopment (BUR) constitutes a strategic urban ‘attractor’ for the city of Zagreb. Our proposal interprets the design brief in terms of an urban programmatic repair and spatial re-composition, a ‘machine of town regenerations and relationships’ by considering:
1. Augmenting publicness
2. Integration of existing formal/informal amenities
3. Reuse of urban morphologies
This fusion of urban patterns generates an ‘urban collage’, a patch-scape where the main components activate and modify the major inner system.
The aim is to re-configure and articulate the urban density and architectural variety of the townscape by conceiving a ‘Fortress of Urbanity’. The Badel Urban Redevelopment turns the intervention area almost into a blank canvas, leaving only a couple of industrial remnants open to an entire reconfiguration of the public and private spaces.

The typical Zagreb perimeter block is a very familiar urban element, which we use to define new interrelated squares on this compound. Both the rectangular and cubic perimeter blocks are distinctive bodies. Their ‘grand courtyards’ or voids accommodate both cultural facilities (West side) and an existing open air market (East side). In terms of place-making, we have conceived three distinctive places:

1. The Cube + Destilerija Square (West):
It is a well-defined cubic courtyard situated in the west side of our site. It incorporates two existing factory buildings.

2. The Slab + Market Square (East):
It contains the extension of the existing open-air market with its marquees. Its rectangular form follows the axiality of the Batrul Kašić green square.

3. The Platform:
It is the public spatial articulator of all pedestrian flows and connections at the ground level, a transitional space.

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