Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


More than breaking the conventional block we will try to unblock it. This is the right opportunity to use a different strategy to create a new and modern segment of Zagreb Lower City, accentuating its values while at the same time adding quality to the wider urban area and providing a reminder of the historical development of the site.

The proposed urban design adopts two strategies: preserving the clear definition of street facades and creating a boundary for privacy; secondly add more permeability, densifying the inside trough a strategic placement of smaller blocks arranged in apparently disorder with different heights, creating an unexpected street life and land marks in the city skyline.

We aim to create infrastructure, public and social conditions to trigger in this block a new artistic thinking in Zagreb and bring art into this neglected part of the city where there is no cultural content. The rehabilitation of the old distillery to become the MUUA (Museum of Urban Art) home of the existing Muzej Ulične Umjetnosti and extended its activities will be the first step in order to create this cluster of creativity and art inside Badel Block. As a strategic point of interest it is important to enhance its presence to the exterior of the urban block. By creating a gradient of privacy to the outside, the block defined border is punctuated by a number of entrances which frame views across the site and to the new MUUA, connect the inner core with the neighbouring street market and surrounding structures and allow light into the heart of the development. The defined visual axis creates expectations, and more important curiosity. An open invitation is somehow sent to all who desire to discover this new part of the city.

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