Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

moller, chris, Autor


The concept is defined by poetic pragmatics.

PRAGMATICS: Europe is changing radically both economically and environmentally, its role is being rapidly redefined as simply one of many global players, equally the planet’s eco-system is changing radically, with dramatic shifts from global warming much faster than many realize.
To survive, cities need to effect behavioral change, they must work harder to achieve new levels of performance, increased resilience and flexibility to achieve security. This must be done at the level of each and every city block, to ensure safe haven for its citizens. Our ambition with this proposal is to realise a pragmatic response to these challenges. We believe that to do this, Badel Block must operate autonomously. By this we mean that the vision for Badel Block must deliver pragmatic and viable answers to the challenges of energy, ecology, water, food and waste.
Badel Block declares to the city, that it is time for a focused effort to radicalize the city to ensure its long term survival in these changing times, and that the city has to be transformed robustly yet sensitively block by block. Badel Block can provide a first strong and iconic example, a seed which can grow into a network of autonomous urban blocks across the city that can offer the citizens of Zagreb a safe, diverse and viable future.

POETICS: Just as the Sava River erodes and reveals layers of geological strata, the layers of this multifunctional concept are revealed through urban flows of people, vehicles, goods and services, diverse events and activities as well as natural flows of light, wind, rain, temperature and humidity. These liquid flows are shaped into conceptual layers of strata.

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