Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Sala, Pep, Autor
Carulla, Herminia, Autor
Portella, Rosa Mari, Autor
Serrat, Joan, Autor
Gil, Marta, Projektni tim
Alquezar, David, Projektni tim
Jimenez, Jordi, Projektni tim


Badel Block is situated on the eastern edge of the Zagreb historical center, the Lower Town (Donji Grad), nearby Kvaternikov Trg Square. It will be a part of the city with multiple uses: cultural civic facilities, housing, leisure, trade, work and a quality city hotel.


- Retrieve and value the industrial architectural heritage existing in the area.

- Create a great interior public space with multiple mixed activity: cultural, commercial and economical, together with the adjacent market and its surroundings. At the same time, conclude a new landmark of the city, by its position next to Kvaternikov Trg Square.

- Design an advanced urban system, environmentally efficient and with intensive use of the information and communication technologies, through multiple internal and outsourced networks.

The project aims to preserve and enhance the remaining historic industrial buildings on the block, Yeast and Gorica Factories, and turn them into cultural and innovative facilities to act as poles of citizen attraction. To achieve this, we propose to release the maximum possible public space, as a large interior green square at three different levels, below and above the street, with permeable access from the streets and the market. This public space contents all focus activity. Private use buildings, dwellings, offices and hotel are concentrated at the exterior edge of the block.

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