Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The concept comes out of the evaluation of the geographic and
geomorphic situation of the city of Zagreb. The city is located in a
valley, between the Prisavlje river and the south side of the mount
Medvednica. This natural relation offers benefits to the city, and
characterises it, this way we tried to bring this characterisation and
benefits to our proposition.
Other important aspect that contribute to the concept came out of the
physical analysis from the urban model of the city.
First, the urban grid of the city is composed by a majority of regular
blocks, residential or mixed use, where the public space is defined by
its external limits, and the private space exists in the interior of this
blocks, closed by them. There is no relation between the public and
private space. There are some green areas inside the block, but they
are enclosed, and can only be used by the residents of the buildings
that form the block.
Second, most part of the city is flat, this way the perception of the
public space for those who walk though is limited by the existing
blocks, and only change when they achieve some open area like a
park, the river, the mountain, or the exterior limits of the city.
This way, the concept was inspired by this factors, trying to bring out
the dynamic morphology of the city natural surroundings to the inner
city block.
Our formal intentions for Badelblock came from this study and
comprehension, translated in a new urban topography that intends to
be an analogy to the geomorphology of the Zagreb landscape,
generating an increased dynamism for those who walk through, and
live in the space.

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