Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Design actions

The urban design is defined around the industrial identity patrimony of Badel Block, generating public spaces, pedestrian movements and uses, that provide the urban views, the place memory. Yeats building as interior piece generates a new front space, like a square expanded out like passages, recovering its character of cultural center and containing a interpretation center of wine and liqueur industry. Gorica will be the face for a new 5* City Hotel, preserving the character of isolated building and recovering the original look. The Arko Industry facades to north are recovered like basement of the Shopping Center Facades.

We build the border of the block, and in front of the green market open the big Subiveva façade, generating an intern continuous “full” space, able to transform the urban landscape. We use the underground to introduce the traffic, a new underground street that goes through the complete Badel with different access and uses.

A new urban view is the Badel Tower, commercial uses, 67meters high, adjusted to the Cathedral towers, with a viewpoint over the Medvedbica Mountain and the Sava River. Around the new Badel Square a shopping center building, with cinema is designed connected to the Yeast Building. In the west border, a residential building is designed with double U form, developing residential and commercial uses, and retail use in the ground floor to the street, with cafes and restaurants to the intern square and closer the Gorika Hotel a entertainment zone with fitness club.

Definitely, a design for the economic structure of Zagreb, that revitalizes the neighborhood and attract new needed investors for the city of Zagreb, to get its goal of a dynamic city.

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