Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Negro, Giovanni, Autor
De Pascalis, Raffaele, Koautor
Valenza, Nicole, Koautor
Lini, Maria Carla, Koautor
Lezzi, Laura, Koautor
Casini, Clarita, Koautor
Carrozzo, Walter, Koautor
Marinaci, Natalia, Koautor
Schito, Cosima, Koautor
De Marco, Sara, Koautor
Duggan, John, Izrada vizualizacije
Lenti, Giordano, Konzultant za krajobraz


This project blends an attitude of respectful sensitivity towards the cultural-historical identity of the site and its surroundings with an urge to breathe new cultural and economic life into the area. The transformed park, with the planned leisure and fitness centre as its focal point, serves to enrich the social-cultural experience of visitors – including users of the planned hotel complex – and residents alike.
The covered, shop-lined skyway, which connects the north and south limits of the park and galvanizes the space with a dynamic aerial channel of social and commercial activity, along with the range of physical and sporting activities offered by the below-ground fitness centre, establish the park as a precious all-weather resource for the local community. The open-air theatre, meanwhile, exploits the site''s potential for presenting cultural events that capitalize on the beauty of a landscaped urban green space.
The integration of the protected building facades into new construction, creating a dynamic interplay between past and present, asserts the project''s fluid symbiosis with its setting, as does the skyway''s notional continuation of the Subiceva market.
The site-wide use of solar energy, rainwater collection and recycling, maximized natural light sources and bioclimatic ventilation systems bears witness to the project´s commitment to sustainable design and environment-friendly solutions.
The rejuvenated zone will be highly attractive to investors in the leisure, tourism and commercial sectors. Crucial to the economic viability of the project is its conceived execution in stages, whereby the underground leisure centre and car park – operational by the end of the first phase - can generate economic support for subsequent phases of the construction.

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