Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Hanekom, Leigh, Autor
Zelaya, Lorena, Autor urbanističkog rješenja


This proposal comprises design concepts for the redevelopment of the Badel Block , Zagreb. The 3-hectare block is situated at the north-eastern edge of the historical nucleus of the city (Donji Grad).

The Badel Mechanical Gardens’ examines this block, its possibilities, challenges and spatial capacities, through an initial process of urban analysis and observation and a continuous, non-linear design refinement process.

The vision for The Badel Block is to create contextually-sensitive, mixed-use proposition as a contemporary rendition of the historical Zagreb block model i.e. defined edges encompassing a green core/ courtyard/ public space.

The breaking down of the site into a fine grain composition and therefore, multiple architectural and programmatic opportunities, is a key outcome of the development. The project will deliver increased numbers of residents and workers to the area through quality living and working opportunities that enhance the value of The Badel Block as a unique destination within the City of Zagreb. A level of branding is implied here. The Block seeks to differentiate itself from other Zagreb city blocks and in so doing, attracts a range of users.

It is envisioned that the development of the site will comprise multiple buildings and a range of land uses and activities, as well as public realm spaces. The Mechanical Gardens aim to be responsive, flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances over time, particularly in terms of the ultimate land use mix.

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Prezentacijski plakat
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Hanekom and Zelaya Associates Autor


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