Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Torres, Hugo, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja


A block asleep and lulled in time full of history and past experiences is the starting point for intervention.
Characterized by plurality of uses and degradation, with a restlessness result of interventions that happened in response to the needs of the population, Badel block is assumed as an unspoilt area, with no identity and without contect in Zagreb.
These principles will naturally suggest the concept of intervention, ''awakening of genius loci'', which focuses on the appreciation of the spirit of the place, the reintegration of built space, creating organizing principles of space in the relationship between the built and unbuilt, formalizing a identity that was lost over time with successive un-urban context and programmatic, promoting the devaluation and degradation of buildings of the industrial age marked with relevant historical, and cultural landscape.
The concept focuses on respect and nostalgie of the past as a bridge to the future, awakening memories and experiences, contaminating built by the revaluation of the past, giving the characteristic of an industrial site to the modernity of the new buildings proposed at the same time it create attractive public spaces to population fruition, by redefining BADEL BLOCK as a symbol and identity, with the deepening of the meaning of the same relationship between the natural and built.
With those principles were created seven key areas to promote economic sustainability, adding value associated with landscaping, and then as a social gathering:
1. Trade, Offices and Residential Building
2. Refinery and Spirits Distillery - Factory Gorica
3. Distillery Building - Museum of the wine industry
4. Business and Process section in front of the process buildings
5. Restaurant area
6. Pedagogical Garden
7. Outdoor Auditorium

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