Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


projecting relations

.Create complexity, possibilities, organizing space so as to integrate the past allowing the identity to show itself through the elements: architecture and use.

We presume that the architecture is the construction of spaces of use either closed / private or open / collective, which correspond to and reflect human activities.
We think that the relationships which take place through constructive realization because of proximity, volume, height, scale, views, alignments, based on full and empty, on linkages and transparency, the location of uses, the most appropriate and the most convenient place, are undoubtedly the basis of the proposal.
And that the value of the place, its identity, its references, customs and habits, needs and desires (expressed in the memory of the competition), is an essential complement to project.

It is the search for complexity and relationships, relying on the mixture and complementary activities both in the horizontal and vertical level, what the project tries to achieve.
The geometry derived from existing parts, organizes the layout, shape, size, volume and connections of the various elements proposed.

The proposed relationships affect in a different degree and level both to the city and the immediate environment and the area of intervention:

Relationship with the city:
.Recovers the order of the block wich the materialization of the corner by Derencinova and Mariceva streets.
.Making pedestrian the section of Subiceva street corresponding to the market, we get a continuous between the area, the market and park Kasica
.Walkways are proposed, reflecting the routes coming from Vlaska St., the market, Kvaternikov Square and go along, cross, climb and penetrate the area to access the various activities at the time they show the complexity of the relationships referred in public spots, collective sometimes and private others.

Relationship with the environment:
To understand the idea of inner complexity of the blocks around, including close free space.
The value of suggestion / transparencias.
The surrounding housing buildings that defines the western edge envelopes the main building allowing to be visible from the outside trough small holes / cracks.
Defining the western boundary of the block to identify and make it recognizable in the environment.

Relationships within the proposed area

.Recovery / rehabilitation / integration lead us to reflect on the value of what there used to be there and take everything into account as guidelines for sizing, locating, giving volume and set activities
. This integrations is made by means of repetition, three pieces are placed following the trace and with the same shape and geometry (offices and hotel)

.We understand that the internal relationships are generated through the integration of existing parts, routes and public areas, with a new order that comes from the uses.

The proposal is explained by means of three distinct spaces whose use (private / collective / public) and placed at different heights, show internal relationships with the environment and the city.

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