Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


During de project time we analyze the prexistencias industrial and urban needs to generate the closed block as a defragmented which breaks down into different parts, which are discovered as it goes, maintaining the visual and spatial permeability. On one side is formed by an outer skin which enhances the prexistencias getting in touch with the city all residential and leisure content business, and secondly, as a whole made up of different parts, is the heart that form seeds the unique elements that host cultural and entertainment uses, recalling the identity of the place with high elements like a chimney.
The proposal specifically integrates with the place because it creates a socket aligned with the adjacent buildings that houses all commercial uses, relation between each other through the central corridor to get a feature essential if the aim is to generate a block city that arise in height residential elements.
The proposal is based on the economic and social sustainability, and proposed elements of relationship that prevail in visual communications, spaces covered with cross ventilation and recreation areas with vegetation. All with the intention of creating an area of interest in the urban mixed use urban character to achieve full of content which relates to tertiary prexistencias the neighborhood.
Besides caring for the visual aesthetic of the pieces that create the new space by singular elements in the city, has been careful largely different solutions tench of the rebels, seeking a sustainable operation of the facade with its composition, since it generates within the built volumes spaces protected from the sun by awnings and setbacks in addition to controlling the temperature in the high spaces with double skin of glass. The implementation of this set arises in three phases as the functional needs of the city, being independent for a first continuous phase socket with social housing and commerce, creating square cover in a second would take place the hotel generating intermediate content in the socket and now finally the element library.

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