Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Popović, Boris, Autor
Sančanin, Marko, Autor
Relić, Saša, Autor
Jugović, Mladen, Konzultant
Stanišljević, Igor, Suradnik - dizajn
Bakic, Irena, Izrada makete i plakata


An edge within the city, industrial terrain vague,Badel’s potential should be used to vitalize the city by keeping its edge condition.Even if it becomes something else it should never lose the ability to constantly change.Edges are zones where city is free and creative.They make citizens happy.Badel should stay a happy edge within the city. The logic of intervention and programming is based on reinterpretation of Donji Grad urban rules and its heterogeneity. High and low density are negotiated over a public-private and green-built ratio.

THE GREAT VOID AND BAZAAR area is an empty volume of air with mobile urban furniture in between historical facades.For citizens it is a playground:a square,summer movie theater or semi permanent retail area.
YEAST PAVILION COURTYARD is a pedestrian landscape with former yeast factory.It became a Yeast Pavilion and a new icon for culture and services.
PEDESTRIAN NETWORK at Badel site is consisted of paths and alleys that are potential or are continuation of flows that already exist and will spillover the borders of the site ones people starts.
DERENČINOVA RESIDENTIAL STRIP takes on old urban morphology of recessed houses in the block with front gardens.Derenčinova stays a prominently residential street with verandas and hanging trees.
24 HOUR ENVELOPE is a mix used area along Martićeva.Density is defined upon envelope modulation.Vertical elements and high rise are recessed from streets while respecting the that public space should compensate for height.The south entrance to Yeast Palace is clearly accessible.
GALJUF’S ORCHARD is a square on eastern part. Inner building is primarily a home for elderly people and smaller commercial amenities.A distinctive ambience qualities are given by semi-private atmosphere of community orchard.

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