Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Badel Digital Hub

We were inspired by the industrial heritage of the site in two ways;
Functionality and Aesthetic

The factories and the type of processes that once took place within them have inspired us in giving a language and a content to this ideas competition.
We see the liqueur factory as a generator.

The idea is that the productivity that one was embedded in the now empty industrial buildings will spread creativity throughout the site in the form of cylindrical economic incubators.

The forms are also inspired by the types of processes and machinery used back in the day.

Above all the distillation process, we see Badel Digital Hub as a new initiative for distilling ideas and cultivating Creativity.

What do these cylinders contain?
Beautiful Young Croatian Minds.

The new space provided is includes spaces for the exposition of new ideas, office space for young entrepreneurs, classrooms for workshops and classes and hotel rooms for people from outside Zagreb to come learn and share ideas!

The entrance to the general common space is around the perimeter buildings. As the Gorica factory is mostly inaccessible from its street façade we decided that we could us this to bring people around and off the street so they interact with the complex before entering.

From each approach the visual connections with the former Arco Liqueur Factory are retained.

Business Plan
Badel Digital Hub promotes quality and future oriented employment and businesses through five activity lines included in its Action Plan.

It will become a local and international reference in the support for entrepreneurs, innovation, professional improvement and creation of employment.

Over 120,000 people have become unemployed in Zagreb since September 2008 giving a total of 340,000 people.

The idea is that the Entrprise Centre would have the capacity of coaching more than 500 new projects a year, with more than 50 companies installed in its Business Incubator
and Technology Park.
Citizens can also avail of classes for training in order to rejoin the workforce.

The program will have the following goals-

1 Entrepreneurship: To spread entrepreneurship and coach entrepreneurs to take the step from the business idea to the creation of their own business.

2 Businesses: To facilitate the future of recently created businesses by generating cooperation networks and contributing to the improvement of their competitiveness.

3 Human Capital: To increase the professional opportunities that the new work cultures, new occupations, and the emerging economic sectors bring with them.

4 Employment: To adapt the professional profiles of the people looking for work or wanting to improve their occupation, and to foster labour
inclusion of those collectives with greatest difficulties, by responding to the needs of the companies.

5 Cibernarium: To turn the new technologies and their applications into a professional development tool for people and companies.

6 Economic Tourism: To provide facilities for people from Outside Zagreb to stay in the enterprise Centre. The Hotel should also provide revenue for the scheme and

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