Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Winkeler, Marrit, Autor
Willems, Frank, Projektni tim
Sangers, Jacqueline, Projektni tim
Wijngaarde, Mark, CAD suradnja


We propose the creation of a productive park for Badel Block. A park contains the possibility for its users to temporarily claim and appropriate space. Badel Block once was a place for creation and production, mixed with a bit of commerce. This plan is a scenario of how to create a free and unbounded park, that works as an incubator for new ideas, technologies and design as well as an incubator for the social life of the city.

With sound and subtle solutions on three levels, we think this production park will create a new hotspot for the city, reviving the city veins Vlaska and Fra Grge Martica. The block will be connecting the east of lower town to the city centre, not by being a programmatic rival but by offering a new nucleus where light scale production, commerce, culture, recreation and dwelling are intertwined and complement each other. ¬
By redirecting motorized traffic a connection between the top and the lower halve of the former city block is re-established. Badel Block itself will be free of motorized traffic; bikes and pedestrians can use all public space in the block.
The block is an odd duck in the neighbourhood. The specific atmosphere of Badel is strongly related to its industrial character. In our proposal, the history remains visible by preserving most of the buildings, but also by (re)introducing small scale production and innovation to the Badel Block.
The morphology and routing on a citywide scale can be seen as formed by the heightlines of the mountain, with northsouth routing ‘perculating’ downhill. This structural concept is also used for the Zagreb block, where this structure is already partly present. The added buildings contribute to the structure, and create a perforated block that opens and links itself to its surroundings.

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