Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Destillery building should remain self standing object, forming pedestrian „streets“ on all 4 sides of the building. Aditional „street“ leeds from destillery building''s main entrance toward crossing of Subiceva and Mariceva streets.
They divide the site on 4 quarters arround destillery building, which is predicted for cultural use.

Mainly residential building in N-W quarter on Derencinova street closes blank wall of neighbouring building. Main part of building is 5 storey high. Set back from the street, part of the building rises up to the height of 11 floors. Building houses both vehicle and pedestrian access to the site.

Quarter N-E have two new buildings. Mainly residential smaller one has 7 floors, and corresponds to height of its existing nothern neighbour. It continue present building line on the Subiceva street, and then makes turn towards west.

To the west of it continues „L“ shaped high-rise office building who''s southern part is 23, and nothern part 4 storey high. Lower part „docks“ into retained nothern retained building.

Building in S-W quarter is „L“ shaped hotel. Its western part is 4, and eastern 19 storeys high. On Marticeva street It houses garage entrance.

„Gorica“ building in S-E quarter is partially retained according to its structural logic, with new elevation is formed on N-W side. Building houses library or mediatheque.

There are 3 underground floors which contain mostly parking. Entrances to the garage are from Derencinova and Marticeva streets.
Internal communication has network identical to the one above ground, which ease orientation. Vertical communication consists of two independent sets of ramps, arranged arround destillery building. There are 4 pedestrian entrances with elevators, and number of emergency exits.

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